A dream come true When you have a dream to accomplish you feel different, as if you're taken over by a benevolent power that leads you almost naturally towards people and situations that might be unexpected but are undoubtedly positive and make you feel good. The couples that have come to our atelier over the past 60 years tell us, often in writing, about this positivity, this feeling of being comfortable, welcomed and well-advised in their desire to make their dreams come true. Elegant or romantic, in pure silk, minimalist or hand-embroidered with Bohemian or Swarovski crystal, silk, gold or silver thread: every bride will find the right gown to make her feel beautiful, because all our dresses are exclusive and made to measure. Our models are effectively a base that can accommodate any adaptation required by different customs or traditions; these can be accomplished only thanks to our meticulous team of dressmakers and stylists, all skilled experts who care about the quality of the fabrics they use and seek to create the perfect harmony between innovation and tradition. So that every bride feels perfectly at ease with herself (in accordance with her needs and preferences), and can rely on our professionalism, dedication and resources, and above all on the enthusiasm with which she seeks out her ideal dress and we create it. Read More

Linea Charme


Linea Couture

Linea Dritta

Linea Morbida

Linea Svasata


Linea Ampia

On the big day every detail counts! I'd love to advise you and create your dreamed-of wedding dress! It's the details that make all the difference. You should wear a dress that's designed for you alone, in which the skillful hands of our seamstresses and embroiderers are always with you. Your guests will notice all the details: the flowers, the colour scheme, the venue... but most of the attention will be on you and your dress, which shouldn't change you, but make you special and unique. contact us for an appointment